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Alexander Soloviev from Salisbury is blending a beauty of Wiltshire country life with skills in outdoor and studio photography. As a professional photographer at SASNN-PHOTO I am equally happy to provide you with mixed set of wedding photography pictures, professional quality studio portrait, or outdoors family photowalk. If you want to have memorable images of your wedding day, child riding horse, you and your partner walking along your favorite route, your parents having a diamond jubilee – we will make you happy with outcome, would it be digital images on CD, printed photographs, or beautifully crafted canvas. We will try to reflect and make visible your ideas, your passion, your character in many different ways using just hi-end digital camera and all sorts of available light sources and moving studio equipment.

People always wanted to have beautiful items around – paintings, sculptures, photographs etc. Ever popular visual art is just growing bigger and bigger. And it becomes even more appealing when these visual items are relevant to their lives. Photography provides you with the opportunity to own a piece of art in affordable and easy way – you just need to find a good professional photographer. Browse through our website and see if Wiltshire Wedding Photographer Alexander Soloviev is what you are looking for…

Please feel free to contact us if you have any doubts or question. Check out our TESTIMONIALS page, have a look through the website, maybe you will find a type of photographs what you are after… And remember that we are not charging any extra for travel to any place in Wiltshire, all neighboring counties and London for our WEDDING CUSTOMERS!

Call us on 01722500622 or 07985547977 to discuss you requirements and ideas with Wiltshire Wedding photographer Alexander Soloviev!

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Alexander Soloviev - Wiltshire Photographer

...that’s why you want a professional photographer for any important occasion – wedding, children's birthday party, corporate event, or just to have a beautiful portrait. You need someone who would take care of this photographic business...