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My name is Alexander Soloviev, I’m a Professional Wedding Photographer from Wiltshire and since you’ve found this page I feel obliged to introduce myself. I am 40-something years old Russian settled in Salisbury, Wiltshire. In 1998 I left Russia and have lived in the USA, Japan and finally UK where I hope to live for the rest of my life. I’ve used to work in Academia – different Universities around the globe as a Research Scientist. I even have a PhD in Biochemistry and Biophysics, if that makes any difference! But things tend to change and at some point I’ve decided to try something different…

I have a great family, a black cat, a blue sable German Shepherd, professional photographic equipment and huge passion for photography. I got my first digital SLR in 2002 and since then I’ve been seeing a lot of things through the lens – faces, places, events, etc. I’m constantly trying something new in photography and hoping to develop further. I don’t have any formal training but consider myself a professional as my earnings come through photography. How professional? You can judge yourself from the pictures. It is worth to mention here that a few magazines and a newspapers have published my work so it is totally justified to call myself the PUBLISHED PHOTOGRAPHER!

My favorite subject to photograph is people. And wedding photography provides me with unique set of possibilities in this respect. There are an endless range of impressions, poses, and situations which makes the process interesting and rewarding for both parties on either side of the camera. At some point I realized that this area appears to be my forte and I have started to push my skills in that direction. It does not mean that I am consciously avoiding other subjects. I like to take pictures of surroundings – land- and city-scapes, flora and fauna, single objects – anything unusual or beautiful, but such subject matter will always be secondary for me.

Be my guest and feel free to browse through the pictures and even leave a few words of feedback (no swearing, please :)). If you like what I do and want my service for any of your photography needs – why not to have a little chat via email or over the phone? I can do any type of photoshoot related to people – wedding, family or individual photowalk, portrait session, children or grownups party, equine or smaller family pet photo – you name it! It probably worth to mention as well that I am CRB checked and I like to work with children.

Digital Retouch Professional – Dmitry

Digital Retouch Professional

Digital Retouch Professional – Dmitry

Dmitry Soloviev is my brother and he has recently joined my photography business as a digital retouch professional. His work is not always visible, but always invaluable. All these little blemishes, occasional imperfectness of light and color sometimes can spoil even a great photograph. With the help of Photoshop we are able to do a bit of magic, but the most important thing is not to overdo it! There is very thin line, so called “taste”…  You probably know what I mean!
Even though he is residing quite far away from UK, most of unedited images from my camera appearing on his computer screen in a matter of hours. Then in a matter of a few days these images are back to me in more appealing shape, ready for web exposure or to print. And we both hope you will like them!

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