Wedding photography, Wiltshire

Capturing those precious moments on your wedding day is a very important job. Bestowing this in any photographer means trusting them with a once in a lifetime chance, and with the wrong photographer, these cherished moments might be missed and ruined. If you need a name you can trust, to capture the elegance and beauty of your magical day then think of Alexander Soloviev at Wedding Wiltshire.

Alexander Soloviev is a professional photographer with a passion for people photography, what he sees through a lens is unmistakeably beauty, like no other would see, the images he has captured are on his website, and they are, quite simply, exquisite.

On booking, Alexander will take £100 non refundable deposit, and then you will have a FREE consultation meeting, FREE engagement photo session and a FREE venue visit so there won’t be any worries or unanswered questions on the day. On the big day it does not matter how long it lasts, the photographer will see you through from morning make-up and preparations all through to the bride and groom leaving the reception. There won’t be a moment missed. After your wedding day, you will be given all digitally re-touched images (150 minimum) on a DVD disc, and you will have free rights to print and copy them as many times as you like from home, all in under 2 weeks, guaranteed! Alexander has wedding packages from as little as £600 and can even hire an hourly photographer for £75 an hour, so you save either way to spend on other important wedding things.

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