Bradford-on-Avon Photowalk

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Bradford-on-Avon is a really pleasant, homely and picturesque town, breathing an air full of tranquility and romance. Its history goes as far as 2500 years, with each century leaving its marks on a city soul and architecture. Fine examples from the Saxon, Medieval, Tudor, Georgian and Industrial Revolution periods are all present and preserved there on streets and squares of this relatively small corner of Western Wiltshire.

So when we invite our customers to visit Bradford-on-Avon, we know for sure that they will enjoy their day immensely, as just walking the streets and riversides in Bradford-on-Avon is always a discovery, historic adventure and a warm pleasure of small town. While at the same time, this small spot also has all features required for a good family photowalk. Apart of historical buildings that provide a stylish setting for the pictures, we also have a riverside and some greenery for the neutral background, the playground to keep children happy and stunning views from the hills.

Now here is a Route we normally follow for a good 2-3 hours photowalk that guaranties plenty of pictures in all different styles and an entertainment for all in a party.
We start at the heart of Bradford-on-Avon – the ancient Bridge at the centre of town facing the river Avon. This where we could go down to the river and get some close to water shots. Next to the bridge there is a Victorian Tea Room house dated 1675 and a historical pub, both looking just as an image of a fairy tale of old-old times.

Then we can start moving towards Wine street terrace on hill side, bypassing on a way The Holy Trinity Church and The Saxon Church of Saint Lawrence. The Route is all full of small narrow and winding streets, historical buildings, brick walls and flowers that all together form just an ideal setting for the nice and relaxed city shooting. But we have to warn that after the Churches, the route also becomes full of stairs, as we start climbing up the hill.

Walking up the hill part could be skipped if stairs generally speaking is not your idea of fun and relaxation. However, if you do make it you will be prized with a stunning view of a city and the pictures to be proud of. We also have a playground ahead to promise to children, so that they have a motivation and a sprit to keep walking. We have seen many children who made the route very happily and went down the hill yet full of energy for a playground ahead.

Bradford-on-Avon Photowalk
Once we have climbed or skipped the hill, we can walk through Barton Orchard, then cross the Rail Bridge to arrive on Avon river-side. This part of the town looks just like a park and first thing we will see will be a long anticipated play-ground. There is no more suitable subject to capturing for a family Photobook than children enjoying themselves on a playground. No matter the weather, this always produces the pictures of colorful sunshiny happiness and joy.

After this the kids most possibly will end up exhausted, so you can either just exit to a car park or enjoy the pub that is nearby. Or alternatively, we still can walk through the riverside enjoying the unique and peaceful atmosphere of this town. This will lead us to where we started by the Town Bridge, where you could proceed to a local coffees and restaurants, that are in surprisingly good choice for such a small spot and we can recommend you the ones we enjoy the most. So if this was a romantic city break for you, you will enjoy every minute of the day right up the very end of it!

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