Landscape Photography. Stonehenge at Dusk, May 2013

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I rarely do either landscape or night photography, but sometimes something makes you to jump and do unusual things. Call it creativity, or inspiration, or stupidity – anything work. Depending on results, I guess.
This time it was a full moon which made me wonder around and go to the White Horse in Westbury first and then to Stonehenge next night. Here in UK it’s happen not very often when you can plan outdoors shots a month in advance and hope that weather will be permissive. You just can’t rely on weather and should be prepared to any change of conditions at any time. That’s why when you have a nice weather and some free time you want to do something with that right away! 🙂
I can’t say that muse of midnight photography was kind enough to me this time, but she wasn’t nasty either. I’ve lost a focus on my lens at some point and because of set up it was not easy to check it. Oh well, there is always things to complain about… By the way, talking about set up. If you decide to go for night photography at Stonehenge, make sure you have tall enough tripod, because you can’t get around the fence – unless you have some special arrangements with National Heritage and wardens there. And the fence in close proximity to stones can be as high as 2m at places, lowering to 1.7 at the others. So you’ll need to be able to go higher than that. Or stick your lens in between wires.
I am going to do this again at first possible chance, when moon phase, weather and free time will come together again. And it may be not very soon…
Pictures are clickable, increasing in size to 900px. If you’d like to get a full size version – please let me know!

Stonehenge just before Full moon rise

Stonehenge just before Full moon rise by SASNN-Photo. May 2013

Stonehenge at dusk

Stonehenge at dusk. View from North. May 2013

Stonehenge at Dusk.

Stonehenge at Dusk. View from North. May 2013

Stonehenge at Full moon

Stonehenge at Full moon by SASNN-Photo. May 2013