Photographer Portfolio

Photographers Portfolio appears to be one of the most important features for a professional, that’s why we tried to collect our best photo examples on these pages. Please feel free to browse through and leave a comment. Independently of the Photoshoot type, portfolio pictures are placed into folders organized by possible visitors interests. If you are after recent events that probably won’t be a part of portfolio, please visit RECENT WORK blog
We are happy to listen and discuss any requests related to photography business – from tuition to help with photographic software, from studio portrait to the most unusual location group photo. Please contacts us via phone or email and we will be with you ASAP.

[Gallery Item 1-3 link=”/portfolio/wedding_photography/” title=”Wedding” picture=”/wp-content/gallery/portfolio-wedding/sasnn-photo-wedding-sp-010613-208.jpg”][/Gallery Item 1-3] [Gallery Item 1-3 link=”/portfolio/family/” title=”Family and Children” picture=”/wp-content/gallery/family-photowalk-in-salisbury-220614/dsc_7383-edit-lr.jpg”][/Gallery Item 1-3][Gallery Item 1-3 link=”/portfolio/portfolio-children-birthday-parties/” title=”Birthday Parties” picture=”/wp-content/gallery/new-portfolio-birthday-parties/dsc_6201-edit-lr.jpg?i=85294008″][/Gallery Item 1-3]

[Gallery Item 1-3 link=”/portfolio/equestrian/” title=”Equestrian” picture=”/wp-content/gallery/equestrian-portfolio/dsc_9742crop_b_5x7_slr_0.jpg?i=1069540641″][/Gallery Item 1-3]
[Gallery Item 1-3 link=”/portfolio/personal/” title=”Personal profiles” picture=”/wp-content/gallery/portfolio-personal-profile-studio-location/dsc_5963crop_b_5x7_0.jpg?i=1570994885″][/Gallery Item 1-3]
[Gallery Item 1-3 link=”/portfolio/events/” title=”Events” picture=”/wp-content/gallery/new-porfolio-events/dsc_7452crop_b-2.jpg?i=402256546″][/Gallery Item 1-3]

Thank you for visiting our Photographers Portfolio pages!

If you looked through our Photographer Portfolio page and still haven’t found the type of the service you are looking for, please just contact us. We have included here those products that are in greatest demand; however we are very flexible and always happy to discuss and accommodate any requests. Though Alexander’s prefers to focus on portraiture, people and equine related photography, as a true professional he can photograph everything – just name it and you will get high standard professional pictures!