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Equestrian photography is in a great demand in Wiltshire and throughout the UK. This is a one of our main areas and we are doing our best to stand out from the crowd. We worked with many stables, equine centers, races, trainings, personal sessions. Our professional Wiltshire Equestrian photographer service becoming more and more popular among local horse owners – why not to browse through our portfolio? You can be interested in what we do and consider our help with photographic service we provide! All necessary information about this type of service can be found at Equestrian photography service page

At SASNN-Photo we are involved in all Equestrian Photography related products. The range of our activity is very wide and it includes all different photo-shoots including: “Horse for sale” work, various reportages from dressage, races and other events, personal sessions and all other types.

Equestrian Photography personal sessions can vary a lot. We can come to a dressage event specially to capture how you are working with your horse. Alternatively, we can do an Equestrian Photowalk, when you just enjoy being with your horse and riding it for pleasure, while your photographer will try to concentrate on two of you, your relationship with the horse and your location.  Some people choose to order such photo-shoot as a birthday gift for their children; some just treat their horses as a part of family and want to keep their images for future.

In any case, let us know what you personal preference is and you will get a good looking, natural image of you and your horse that you can treasure for years! We are located in Salisbury but can travel far away!

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