Festival Photography

Festival Photography

Festival Photography is a very difficult but exciting professional task for any photographer.

The lighting conditions are normally great from performance point of view and very poor from photography point of view.  Sometimes photographers are not allowed to use flash during the performance. We totally agree with this policy and actually never use the flush, even when there no mandatory requirements. We believe it does very much disturb not only a performing artist, but an audience as well.  We understand that people came to enjoy the music and that requires a concentration.

As a result a photographer is facing a great technical challenge of capturing a moving object in a poor light without flush.  Fortunately, Alexander has both the equipment and the skill to face this challenge. So as any true professional he actually enjoys a lot this type of shoot. Good Music obviously helps as well!

If you are interested in Festival Photography part of Alexander’s portfolio, please contact us and we will show you a wider version his Festival work.

You will see Alexander’s work on various Wiltshire festivals and events, such as Marlborough Jazz Festival, Wiltshire Jazz Festival, Frome and Westbury Festivals as well as many and many various concerts and gigs. There is also a part of portfolio dedicated to theatre performance and various Wiltshire cultural events like WVAT (Wylye Valley Art Trail).