Corporate Event Photography

Corporate Event Photography is a high demand area as many businesses are looking for Public Relations, Publications and Promotion. Understandably, event organisers would like wider audience to be aware of how successful, well attended and productive the event was. And off cause professionally looking pictures contribute a lot to a build up of Professional Corporate Image.

Good photographs from the conference, briefing or any specific corporate event are much appreciated and used for all sorts of booklets, prospectuses and web galleries

Corporate Event Photography

However Corporate Event Photography is rather challenging professional task. From one side Photographer shall capture an essence of the day and as many guests as possible. On other side, a Photographer should be very careful while taking pictures during presentations and following informal gathering as some speakers and participants are not always particularly keen with being photographed.

We can assure you that Alexander has a lot of experience of Corporate Event Photography and knows how exactly to achieve the right balance. Alexander is always checking with organizers in advance if there are any restrictions or personal preferences. He will also ask organizers, what style of reportage is required, what are the key guests and planned key moments to be captured. All pictures will published on password protected gallery, so event organizers will always have chance to disapprove a picture before it is released to wider audience.

Please feel free to browse through this set of pictures and let us know if you have questions.

Consultation Meeting

Or alternatively we can arrange for brief Planning & Consultation meeting to discuss your plans and preferences in detail. This is Free and Non-obligatory Service meaning you are not committed to make an order once you attended a meeting.