Family Photography

Family Photography Portfolio page is where you can find most of our family related pictures covering all different perspectives and events: engagement, pregnancy, newborn and growing children, walks in the park or playground, family photoshoot in studio etc. We are located in Salisbury, Wiltshire, but can travel a long way if necessary!

We can apply a few types of photoshoots to family session – outdoor photowalk, location and studio portraits, or even a party. Every type can have a different timing and price; all of them are described in details on “Family and Personal Photography” page. Nevertheless don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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I would like to stay in touch after our first session and if you like what I do we can have more in future! Ideally, I can offer you my service on regular basis – something similar to a friendly family doctor. As I’m doing a major part of my sessions in informal atmosphere, even very shy children are gradually getting relaxed and stop paying attention to the camera. As a result you will have a set of lively and empathic photographs from each session and keep memories of how fast your children are growing and you are… getting wiser! Time is passing by and memories become shallow, but these images will stay with you forever.
As an additional bonus regarding multiple hire, I can tell that for any big or small family event you can hire me with 10% reduction of charge for every sequential session (up to 40% discount in total).