Bumps and Babies Photography

Bumps and Babies Photography is one of our most favorite subjects as we heartily believe that Motherhood is the most natural and beautiful photography object in the world. We can assure you that as a mum to be you have never looked as feminine and as attractive as now! I am always pleased and proud to capture this unique and unforgettable pregnancy time of your life. Later when the baby arrives I will look forward to capture the love, tenderness and the joy that all are in the air when a new mother is holding her baby on hands.

Bumps and Babies Photography Service

Introductory Meeting

However, we understand that some women might be a bit sensitive about their pregnancy look. That is why we are always happy to be very flexible and listen carefully about your individual preferences and wishes. Also, as always, we believe that the best pictures are made in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. So please feel free to contact us and arrange a short Free Introductory Meeting where we can discuss and plan our session. As a result we will have a chance to be acquainted, talk to each other, get to know each other a bit better and decide if I’m a person that makes you to feel relaxed.

Please note that the meeting is not obligatory (meaning you don’t have to make an order once you have been to it). There is no pressure at all!
We also understand that Bumps and Babies Photography is a very personal family matter – so there is no way any picture will be published without your approval.


We are happy to arrange a photo-shoot in any place you like. It can be done in our In-house Studio or we can take a Mobile Studio to your place. Alternatively, we can go outdoors to the nearest park, stay in your backyard or choose a beautiful seasonal spot. Please feel free to browse through our portfolio and choose if you prefer a Photowalk style session or just a Location Portrait. You can find all necessary information about all options of service in Family and Personal photography page.