The main point of Photowalk is to produce images of your family which will stay with you as a cherished memory of that day for a long time. I put most of my efforts into focusing on the personality of each member and the whole family in movement.
During photowalk you will need just to enjoy yourself as you normally do. Relax, play with children, talk to each other – I will do the rest. I’ll be moving around and taking pictures from different angles and points. Occasionally I will ask you to look in certain direction and pose for a second – that’s it! More details are available at our service page Family and Personal photography

[Gallery Item 1-3 link=”/portfolio/family/photowalk/photowalk-in-park/” title=”Photowalk in park” picture=”/wp-content/gallery/portfolio-family-photowalk-j-a-k/portfolio_pp_photowalk_yak_08.jpg”][/Gallery Item 1-3] [Gallery Item 1-3 link=”/portfolio/family/photowalk/photowalk-in-town/” title=”Photowalk in town” picture=”/wp-content/gallery/portfolio-family-photowalk-o-j-k/portfolio_pp_photowalk_ojk_28.jpg”][/Gallery Item 1-3] [Gallery Item 1-3 link=”/portfolio/family/photowalk/photowalk-on-playground” title=”Playground Photowalk” picture=”/wp-content/gallery/portfolio-family-photowalk-o-s-k-s/portfolio_pp_photowalk_osks_10.jpg”][/Gallery Item 1-3]

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