iPhonography is a relatively new term to describe photography via iPhone. Everyone know that it’s possible to take pictures with a mobile phone now, but not everyone aware that you can edit them on your phone as well. Lots of software were developed and thrown to market – mobile Photoshop, Instagram, Camera+, etc, etc. List is endless. In fact it’s putting even more pressure to professional photographers as a lot of people satisfied with a quality of phone pictures. Well, lots of people are happy with eating hamburgers or fish-and-chips either – who’d be dare to blame them? 🙂 On the other side mobile phone cameras are improving fast and you can print it on paper nowdays. And some people can make quite an interesting pictures with these humble devices… So if you think about it just as a fun and training for your photographic eye, may be it won’t be so bold and offensive.
There are a multiple groups on the web who have been organized and maintained around mobile phone photography, most notably IGERS – instagramers. Every geographical place got one of these groups and Wiltshire photography got its own – #igerswiltshire. You can google it and see for yourself!
I couldn’t resist to participate in this iPhonography madness and now I got thousands of pictures on my iPhone. So please have a look at this funny side of my photographic life and tell me what you think!