Personal Photography

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This Personal Photography Portfolio page is devoted to all people related and portraiture sessions. This can vary tremendously in terms of location, setting, purpose of photo-shoot style, number of pictures and so on…

It can be a sophisticated glamour studio set with an elaborated lighting system and a professional makeup artist. This will produce the best possible and the most favourable image of you. You don’t need to have modelling ambition to use it, just try it for you pleasure and see what your friends say when they see it on your Facebook profile.

Alternatively, Personal Photography shoot can be easily done simply in your backyard or in a nearest park. A nice and simple Location Portrait is the most convenient option for those who prefer to look fresh and natural on pictures.

There is also an option of inventive and joyful outdoors Photowalk. This is when you are enjoying your day outdoors being involved in your favourite activity, while your photographer is running around to capture your day. You just relax and do whatever you like: walking your dog, roller skating, shopping, riding a horse, running a kite or anything you like really.

Every type of Personal Photography can have a different timing and price; all of them are described in details on  Family and Personal photography page