Personal Photowalk is a photo session devoted to an attempt of describing your inner “YOU”. I put most of my efforts into focusing on your personality and unique character in movement. What’s unusual about you? You can be thoughtful, playful, strong, tender, alone, with a child or partner, etc.
The whole point of this Photowalk is to produce images of you which give a hint of your positive personal qualities. This does not mean that pictures will look extravagant or bizarre, all your ideas will be discussed and approach agreed beforehand. It still might be a series of nice classical portraits in different settings…
You can find more information on our page Family and Personal photography

[Gallery Item 1-3 link=”/portfolio/personal/photowalk/personal-photowalk-in-park/” title=”Personal Photowalk in Park” picture=”/wp-content/gallery/portfolio-personal-profile-photowalk-mb/dsc_4590crop_b.jpg”][/Gallery Item 1-3] [Gallery Item 1-3 link=”/portfolio/personal/photowalk/personal-photowalk-in-city/” title=”Personal Photowalk in City” picture=”/wp-content/gallery/portfolio-personal-profile-photowalk/portfolio_pp_photowalk_nika_06.jpg”][/Gallery Item 1-3] [Gallery Item 1-3 link=”/portfolio/personal/photowalk/personal-photowalk-for-the-artist/” title=”Personal Photowalk for the Artist” picture=”/wp-content/gallery/portfolio-personal-profile-photowalk-sc/portfolio_pp_photowalk_sarahvian_01.jpg”][/Gallery Item 1-3]

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