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Equestrian Photography has recently become one of my favorite subjects. Natural beauty of the horses and their relationship with human provides endless opportunities for different types of photoshoots. It can be a simply horse on its own, personal session for rider with its horse or group session for stables or competition. This can be done at your stables, during the training/riding session, or at competition site. We are located in Salisbury, Wiltshire, but happy to travel far away if required.

For your horse photography (that may include owner or other person), as well as training session with extra shots on preparation and calming down after training will be considered as a Photowalk.

Competition and group photography for stables will be treated as Event photography. You can order a BLURB Photobook for both types of sessions.

You can see prices for all types of our service in one table PRICES
I am ready to discuss any particular needs and ideas about the shoot so do not hesitate to Contact me if you are in doubts.
Equestrian Photography Service