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Childrens Birthday Party Photography in London

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We are very happy to continue with our Childrens Birthday Party Photography for the same family! In this case children are getting used to the photographer and do not pay much attention to him/her. Photographer in that situation has much more freedom in terms of positioning himself without danger of distracting the child during the games and other party activities. As a result the photographs have much more chances to reflect naturally festive and happy mood. And what can be more important for your parent-client than natural happy face of their child? Nothing! 🙂 Well, may be a happy hug with life sized dinosaur?

PS. If you was part of this party and want to see full set of pictures, you can ask birthday boy parents for the link and password to see MANY more!


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Children’s Birthday Party Photography in Regents Park, London

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Next great example for our photographic niche of “Children’s Birthday Party Photography”! We have managed to infiltrate 🙂 into happy and vibrant group of young parents who regularly make a very happy Birthday Parties for their children. Some of these parents became our friends, to be honest and we are very happy about this.
It is not very common nowdays to create specific theme based Birthday Parties for children. So every time we have the opportunity to photograph one of these occasions sounds like celebration for us as well! This particular party was devoted to “Circus” with invited trained artists, decorations and food featured according to the theme. And children loved it!

The pictures below are just an excerpts from bigger private gallery so if you was at the party and have not seen everything, please contact me directly or Birthday boy parents to get an access to all pictures.

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Children’s Birthday Party Photography in London.

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Children’s Birthday Party Photography becoming more and more active field in our work. And the more we do this the more interesting occasions for photographs we are able to see. One of the most simple but rich sources for a live and emotional pictures of children are games. Especially when these games are organized by professionals who are able to keep children busy and entertained long enough. We’ll show you a few pictures from a Birthday Party that was organized by well established (and expensive) entertainment company. Power Rangers rule at this party! And it makes quite a difference… sasnn-photo-children-birthday-surrey-270414-slr-99 More Pictures

Childrens Birthday Party Photography at Woburn Safari Park

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This post is about Birthday party photography. But first a few words about particular Birthday party!

We all love animals. Well, many of us. Children love animals even more, especially after watching a lots of movies and cartoons. And if they have an opportunity to touch or even play with animal heroes from the books and TV – that makes child’s life much more interesting and exciting! I was invited to photograph one lucky boys Birthday Party in Woburn Safari Park. That included a close encounter with meerkats and lemurs! I was following a group of 5 children everywhere while they were playing, making friends with animals or eating birthday cake. Here you can see some excerpts from the full album and if you were there you can access the full gallery view from birthday boy parents!
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