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Tatiana and Sergey Nikitiny. Childrens Concert in London 13/02/2014

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Nikitiny is a very famous duo for a three generations in late USSR and modern Russia. A lot of things changed around them – they are still the same. Well, obviously years are leaving a stamp of wisdom on physical appearance, but the soul looks and sounds young and fresh as looooong time ago. Especially it is visible when they are interacting with children. And this was a concert for children, magically organized (somehow) by event company Arbuzz Project.

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Events Photography. A little concert at friends house in London.

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We have been invited to this little concert by our friends, who are singers themselves. They’ve had a visiting singers/songwriters – two ladies who did not mind to be photographed between songs. It was not a huge room and number of people was quite amazing, but friendly atmosphere helped to keep everything in relaxed state so I managed to sneak around with my camera 🙂



Event photography. Clare Teal at Marlborough Jazz Festival

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That was a finishing accord of Marlborough Jazz Festival – performance by Clare Teal and her band. Despite Sunday afternoon and the last event of the festival Priory Marquee was completely packed, some people were sitting on the floor. And now I can understand why. The voice, the music, the charisma. Simple.
Rather then trying to describe “who is who”, I will send anyone interested to Wiki page:
There are some pictures of the general public during the concert as well – I hope no-one will be offended (even those making me faces! 🙂 )


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Frome Festival 2012. Event Photography in Wiltshire

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This is an amazing event – Frome festival! Sometimes it’s quite a challenge to photograph though. Cozy places have a very cozy light… Going too far with camera settings – outcome is a bit far from perfect as well! Nevertheless, that’s a part of the game in event photography and professional photographer got to deal with it. Even if you can’t use flash.
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Wiltshire Jazz Festival Photos 2012, Dinton near Salisbury

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Here is our latest addition to musical events photography – Wiltshire Jazz Festival. I’ve had a privilege to listen to some Grands of British jazz music – The Big Chris Barber Band, The Bateman Brothers, Arun Ghosh Quartet, John Etheridge and many others. And not just listening, but taking pictures as well! It is quite surprising to see so many big names at one place in Wiltshire countryside. Anyway, feel free to browse through the pictures, may be find yourself and leave a few words of comments.



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