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Wedding photography in Winchester, Hampshire. Rachel and Matthew

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We are gradually extending our services into Wiltshire surrounding counties and this post is devoted to wedding photography in Winchester, Hampshire. I have photographed Rachel and Matthew earlier this year during our free pre-wedding photoshoot. It was an easy fun to communicate and shoot with this couple – youth, friendliness and energy just emanating from them. The wedding day simply proved this and 200 people who gathered for the day confirmed that friendly and natural people are easiest to take pictures of!  Choirs helped to fill the day with music and photographs – not every day you can see so many friends of newlyweds participating in different musical arrangements. The only “less preferable” memory from this day is the colour of venue walls… These pink-ish 15 meters high walls with similarly painted ceiling can make probably any photographer to think about black and white only.  But for guests…  this colour could not spoil an atmosphere of total joy and happiness and I hope you can see it from these pictures.

PS. If you have been at this wedding (guest or relative) and have not seen a whole set – please contact Rachel and Matthew or let me know and you will get an access to the gallery with over 400 pictures! 🙂


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Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Winchester.

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That was a brilliant day for a pre-wedding photoshoot in Winchester, Hampshire! Warm enough, sunny, with a bit of wind – what else can photographer wish for. Especially with such a lively and young couple like Rachael and Matthew…
We have spent just a bit over an hour walking near Winchester Cathedral and along the river. This is another interesting and picturesque route that can be recommended to anyone who wants some good photo settings or just a simple walk. Mixture of ancient architecture and natural features makes it suitable for any type of photoshoot. Wedding itself will take place in Winchester as well, so more proper wedding photo in Winchester to follow!


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