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Studio Photography session with MUA Olga Brodsky

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Home Studio Photography session for Grazyna with MUA Olga Brodsky. We have done first session for Grazyna a few months ago and the session caused a bit of stir among visitors of our website. Main idea for this stir was a critique of my refusal to use a help of Make Up Artist (MUA) and extra styling for the model. After considering “pro et contra” we found among our friends an aspiring and eager amateur MUA – Olga Brodsky. I would recommend to remember this name as soon it’s going to be an expensive and popular figure in MUA world! 🙂
The results of her work with Grazyna look stunning! And it is not just strictly MUA, it is hair styling and general styling as well – all in one.
You can see a difference between these two sessions below – without and with help of MUA. I guess I have made my choice after this photoshoot. And I hope to do a few more with Olga again…

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Studio Portrait Photography. Grazyna

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This set of pictures in part is devoted to updating our Studio Portrait Photography portfolio. On the other side as I’m trying to pass Licentiateship level at Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) I need more material for submission and Grazyna kindly agreed to let me use these images for application. A few more studio shoots and I should be ready. This time we decided to go for a simple series of portraits without any extra props or fancy outfits. Next time we’ll be more inventive and bold!


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Studio Photography. Ambient light

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Studio photography is not always about beaming lights, light modifiers and other studio gear. Interesting portraits can be taken in a very simple conditions with an ambient light. In my case I have just reduced the window area to the size of an apple… I will do more experiments with this setup and hopefully will be able to show more results. I want to get visually closer to classical paintings feel, somewhat Vermeer-ish :). It sounds dare, I know, but shouldn’t we all aim high?



Home Studio Family Photography. 101112

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For this family photography session our home studio was used continuously during nearly all day. Part of the children photo set I have shown before, now it is parents turn. Family photography is usually a good fun, and this time was no exception. Children make faces, run around (or crawl), produce all sort of noise and changing their mood instantly! Some can consider it as a chaos and mess, and I prefer to call it artistic fun. Pictures look staged to certain extend but you have to choose the right moment to press that button. Conditions at such a shoot are completely unpredictable…


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Children Photography in Studio. Brother and Sister

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Another children photography session, this time in our home studio. Management of these age groups can be most problematic, especially if we are talking about extended photoshoot. And we had a long shooting day with this family. Children was “on and off” so in between  there are was quite a few pictures of parents with and without little ones. Hopefully I will follow this family as children will grow up and parents will have a several sets of pictures from every age milestone…


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