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IPhoneography. Girl behind the waterwall.

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This picture was taken in London at The Cristal, on the way to London Cable Car trip. It is a fascinating place, especially for a youngsters. I asked my daughter to stay behind a waterwall just to see the colours and could not resist to take picture…


Iphoneography. Self and the mask.

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Talking iPhoneography again. We’ve had a little party at friends house and they have this cheap mask hanging on the wall. I thought it might be a good idea to use it in some photoshoot, but before putting it on someone else I had to try it on myself. A few attempts led to crap shots so I’ve had to ask my friend to hold the iPhone and position it in certain way. Some more manipulation on the phone software – and here we go, a nearly self portrait of professional photographer Alexander Soloviev! 🙂
PS. Would you be interested in photography training? I might be helpful with that. Just drop me a line…


iPhoneography in the blog

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iPhoneography is a new-ish way of mainstream photography appeared with a creation of iPhone. I’ve been taking a lots of snaps with mobile camera phone before, but iPhone revolutionized mobile phone photography with an addition of editing software applications. Social media websites flourished with avalanche of increased traffic mostly due to handling, storing, and transfer of phone camera pictures, primarily because of iPhone users.
Certainly iPhone pictures won’t be standing even close to ones taken with a professional cameras in terms of quality and size. But they can produce some unique and appealing captures of the particular moment and atmosphere, that can be more valuable sometimes than 10 millions extra pixels. It is a good fun, good training for your eye and for your brain!
Now I have connected my iPhone 4s directly to this website and will be posting some excerpts from my phone photo library straight here. This post is just a first attempt!