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Katerina and balloons

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A few pictures from our photowalk we called Katerina and balloons along the river Avon near Salisbury, Wiltshire. Handling these two (Katerina and Sharik the dog) while trying to take pictures was not the easiest task. But it worked, I think. And this can be a good reminder of our great offer of 50% discounted family and children’s photo walks on week days. Feel free to ask about details via email or just stop by at our studio at Fisherton Mill, Salisbury.

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Children’s photo walks. Katya and Yana

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Sometime we just walk/run around. Sometimes we’re climbing the trees. Sometimes we are playing at playgrounds. Sometimes… we grow up.

Remember, if you want a memory of how your child looked at any age – take a picture. Print the picture. Keep it…

This is a one of our children’s photo walks at the Primrose Hill Park in London.

Children Photography in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Katerina.

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Children photography in Salisbury is presented by a number of photographers. Because we are moving to this beautiful city in a short time, I’m going to face quite a challenge from the point of any type of photography, including children photography. To prepare myself and search engines for that we made a simple photoshoot – with Katerina as a model. Just walking around city center and browsing streets we have gathered quite a few pictures and want to share them. If you live in Salisbury and want to get something similar with your child – don’t be shy, drop me a line!


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Katerina and Scooter in Flooded Salisbury, Wiltshire.

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A brief story about Katerina and Scooter. Once Katerina learned how to use her new toy (present from our friends, who know what they doing) I’ve been waiting for a moment to take a few pictures of that. The moment came in Salisbury when it was half- submerged by unheard level of flood. Well, unheard of in last 20-50 years. Plus it happened at the last hour or so of daylight… Anyway, she’s good in any light! 🙂



Children Photography. Katerina and her Red Coat.

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I was carrying this idea for awhile for our children photography section. Having in your daily routine model like that should not be missed! Katerina is growing up and some features of the different stages are disappearing already. But something was missing to materialize the idea into project – the coat! Finally it was found in second hand shop, matching hat magically appeared from our friends, vintage case of suitable size was dug up from the loft…
The first few sessions attempts proved that it won’t be easy. Even if your child used to be photographed at the age of 16 months, it still remain a toddler. They can provide you with all sorts of behavior but cooperation!
I hope to continue this little project until coat become too small. Or till next spring, whatever comes first…


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Studio Photography. Ambient light

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Studio photography is not always about beaming lights, light modifiers and other studio gear. Interesting portraits can be taken in a very simple conditions with an ambient light. In my case I have just reduced the window area to the size of an apple… I will do more experiments with this setup and hopefully will be able to show more results. I want to get visually closer to classical paintings feel, somewhat Vermeer-ish :). It sounds dare, I know, but shouldn’t we all aim high?