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Event photography. Clare Teal at Marlborough Jazz Festival

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That was a finishing accord of Marlborough Jazz Festival – performance by Clare Teal and her band. Despite Sunday afternoon and the last event of the festival Priory Marquee was completely packed, some people were sitting on the floor. And now I can understand why. The voice, the music, the charisma. Simple.
Rather then trying to describe “who is who”, I will send anyone interested to Wiki page:
There are some pictures of the general public during the concert as well – I hope no-one will be offended (even those making me faces! 🙂 )


More Pictures

Event Photography. Marlborough Jazz Festival 2012.

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Marlborough is not just a cigarette brand. It is a small Wiltshire town that becomes a UK’s New Orleans for a long weekend in July. Well over a hundred of Jazz, Blues, Swing and many other mainstream musicians coming here for a long running and well known Marlborough Jazz Festival. Despite economic downturn, weather conditions, and other big and small obstacles…
I was honored to be an official photographer for this huge event and these three days will stay in my memory as a pure celebration of human spirit, brilliant music and friendly atmosphere.
If you were part of this festival (or even were not) feel free to browse through the gallery and may be you can see some familiar faces! As usual, I’m open to all types of assignments related to this or similar event.


More pictures inside