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Family Photography. Photowalk in Clanger woods. 020213

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It was a nice family photography session shaped as a photowalk in Clanger Woods, Wiltshire. Some people are taking their time to formalize their relationship and have a proper wedding. I am happy to witness and participate in one of those cases. The wedding will happen in a month time so I’m looking forward to photograph this family again, but this time in dressed up state!

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Bradford-on-Avon Photowalk

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Bradford-on-Avon is a really pleasant, homely and picturesque town, breathing an air full of tranquility and romance. Its history goes as far as 2500 years, with each century leaving its marks on a city soul and architecture. Fine examples from the Saxon, Medieval, Tudor, Georgian and Industrial Revolution periods are all present and preserved there on streets and squares of this relatively small corner of Western Wiltshire.

Trowbridge Walk for Wiltshire Life

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This cityscape photography photo set with some extra features was commissioned by local Wiltshire magazine Wiltshire Life. It happened awhile ago, but I was waiting until October issue when these pictures is published.  Trowbridge by itself probably not the most popular tourist attraction, but it has some interesting features and they were shown by the Chair of the Civic Society Cllr Glyn Bridges and the Mayor Cllr John Knight.


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