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Pre-wedding photosession near Rode, Somerset

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Some time ago we have had a pre-wedding photosession near Rode in Somerset. Steph and Ollie booked their wedding long ago, and the choice of the location was quite obvious as one parents family live nearby. The route along river Frome is well used by the couple as they often walk their two dogs there. As it happened in the spring after terrible winter flooding just disappeared, we had to use wellies to walk around and the whole outfit was not particularly smart – rather rural! Dogs helped to keep atmosphere of the photoshoot relaxed and funny so we have had a good chat about everything including coming wedding. Especially interesting was to find out that it’s going to be a proper military wedding with  servicemen wearing ceremonial uniform, swords etc. And once it’s put in specific location, like Orchardleigh House mansion near  Frome, it should produce stunning images. Having been there just a few days ago for final meeting with Bride and Groom I can see that it will be one of the most interesting weddings I’ve had an honor to photograph so far…

But let’s keep it low until the wedding day, and for now I will share a few excerpts from that spring pre-wedding photoshoot.



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Pre-wedding photoshoot for Emily and Daniel in Melksham, Wiltshire

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Pre-wedding photoshoot (or photowalk) in Melksham, Wiltshire. It took me awhile to find an acceptable place for a short photoshoot near town center on Internet. In reality everything happened to be very simple – walk by a waterside, you will always find something neutral but interesting. River Avon goes through the town and provides enough different settings for a test photos.


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Pre-wedding Photowalk in Exbury Gardens, New Forest, Hampshire

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A new pre-wedding photowalk or photoshoot for Aman and Raman in Exbury Gardens, Hampshire in the August happened to be a real gem. We always tend to arrange all our free pre-wedding photoshoots in the nice places and trying to make our clients to feel relaxed and comfortable. In real life though a coincidence of place, weather, time of the day, outfits etc quite often are in a bit of “disagreement” and it’s up to photographers to make it up smooth and beautiful. This time our pre-wedding photoshoot was carried out in nearly perfect conditions. Not too bright sun, lots of different shades of green in the beautiful park, and smartly dressed stunning couple. As a wedding photographer I just can’t wait to see these guys on their Big Day dressed up in traditional Indian outfits! There is not much of wait left – in a couple of days I will be in Southampton Gudwara at the traditional Indian wedding! I’m so looking forward to it…
For now you can enjoy these vibrant images and may be think about having me to photograph you as well! 🙂


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Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Winchester.

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That was a brilliant day for a pre-wedding photoshoot in Winchester, Hampshire! Warm enough, sunny, with a bit of wind – what else can photographer wish for. Especially with such a lively and young couple like Rachael and Matthew…
We have spent just a bit over an hour walking near Winchester Cathedral and along the river. This is another interesting and picturesque route that can be recommended to anyone who wants some good photo settings or just a simple walk. Mixture of ancient architecture and natural features makes it suitable for any type of photoshoot. Wedding itself will take place in Winchester as well, so more proper wedding photo in Winchester to follow!


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Wedding Photography. Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Blaise Castle Park, Bristol.

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Pre-Wedding photoshoot (aka engagement photoshoot) normally happen in a good weather as both parties (photographer and clients) are still flexible enough to postpone. But sometimes time getting tight and photoshoot happens independently on weather. On this day we did not have any rain, but it was so cold and windy for the time of the year… Nevertheless we made it! Richard and Kirsty bravely walked through one hour sub-zero temperature photo session in Blaise Castle Park, Bristol.This is a very nice park for a walk in summer, I put it on my map of places to return for more photoshoots in future.


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Wedding Photography. Pre-wedding photoshoot at Shearwater, Warminster

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Another pre-wedding photoshoot that has taken place at the lake Shearwater near Warminster, Wiltshire. We were blessed with a break between rainy days and we even did not need an umbrella, which is quite amazing! Neil and Annette were absolutely natural and easy to work with so you probably can see it from photographs. Oscar the dog played quite an important role as well by helping to make things unofficial and relaxed. He would be present on every picture if I would not have obligations to his masters… 🙂
We will have a real wedding photography session soon in July so I’m looking forward to work with this couple again. Watch this space, they are going to look stunning in wedding outfits!
Below are an excerpts from this photowalk and whole gallery at the bottom. Feel free to leave a couple of words as a feedback…


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Pre-wedding photowalk in Bath. 170213

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It was a very cold day for outdoors pre-wedding photowalk in Bath. Even though it was sunny, icy wind made whole one hour long photoshoot a bit of challenge. Good for me I’m blessed with clients so far! Dan and Danielle were very supportive, understanding, and fun. We walk a short route around Pulteney Bridge so I could get a different backgrounds and sun position. These guys survived without complaints and grumpiness, following my requests and suggestions.
Their wedding coming soon so you will see them here again in rather more ceremonial and official circumstances. I am looking forward to it!









Family Photography. Photowalk in Clanger woods. 020213

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It was a nice family photography session shaped as a photowalk in Clanger Woods, Wiltshire. Some people are taking their time to formalize their relationship and have a proper wedding. I am happy to witness and participate in one of those cases. The wedding will happen in a month time so I’m looking forward to photograph this family again, but this time in dressed up state!

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