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Studio Photography session with MUA Olga Brodsky

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Home Studio Photography session for Grazyna with MUA Olga Brodsky. We have done first session for Grazyna a few months ago and the session caused a bit of stir among visitors of our website. Main idea for this stir was a critique of my refusal to use a help of Make Up Artist (MUA) and extra styling for the model. After considering “pro et contra” we found among our friends an aspiring and eager amateur MUA – Olga Brodsky. I would recommend to remember this name as soon it’s going to be an expensive and popular figure in MUA world! 🙂
The results of her work with Grazyna look stunning! And it is not just strictly MUA, it is hair styling and general styling as well – all in one.
You can see a difference between these two sessions below – without and with help of MUA. I guess I have made my choice after this photoshoot. And I hope to do a few more with Olga again…

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Studio Photography. Ambient light

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Studio photography is not always about beaming lights, light modifiers and other studio gear. Interesting portraits can be taken in a very simple conditions with an ambient light. In my case I have just reduced the window area to the size of an apple… I will do more experiments with this setup and hopefully will be able to show more results. I want to get visually closer to classical paintings feel, somewhat Vermeer-ish :). It sounds dare, I know, but shouldn’t we all aim high?



Home Studio Family Photography. 101112

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For this family photography session our home studio was used continuously during nearly all day. Part of the children photo set I have shown before, now it is parents turn. Family photography is usually a good fun, and this time was no exception. Children make faces, run around (or crawl), produce all sort of noise and changing their mood instantly! Some can consider it as a chaos and mess, and I prefer to call it artistic fun. Pictures look staged to certain extend but you have to choose the right moment to press that button. Conditions at such a shoot are completely unpredictable…


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Children Photography in Studio. Brother and Sister

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Another children photography session, this time in our home studio. Management of these age groups can be most problematic, especially if we are talking about extended photoshoot. And we had a long shooting day with this family. Children was “on and off” so in between  there are was quite a few pictures of parents with and without little ones. Hopefully I will follow this family as children will grow up and parents will have a several sets of pictures from every age milestone…


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