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Wedding on Thames, London

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We have recently been a part of the Wedding on Thames in London. The main ceremony was carried at Orleans House Galley, near Twickenham and then all party boarded a Thames boat and went downstream to City center and further to Canary Wharf. Despite a tricky weather along the route party went as it supposed to – happy and creative! It was a bit difficult to combine functions of the guest and the photographer, but with some help from the gang I’ve managed…
Here are excerpts from the main gallery. If you were there and want to see everything, then please contact either me or newlyweds to get an access to extended gallery.
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More Pictures. TRAFFIC!

Wiltshire wedding photography. Military wedding in Tidworth and Frome

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Wiltshire wedding photography is a very tough competition area for local photographers but hopefully we are steadily joining the best, so more and more people asking for our services. This summer we have photographed quite a few weddings and one of them was so called military wedding with a ceremony have taken place in Tidworth St Patrick’s Catholic Garrison Church and following reception in Orchardleigh House, near Frome.
Ollie and Steph had a nice pre-wedding photowalk with us before and here our ultimate result from their wedding. Such a beautiful couple with flashy military arrangements was a pure joy to watch and photograph. The weather on the day and a 19th Century Victorian Stately Home can only emphasize our feelings about this gorgeous wedding!


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Wedding Photography in Lackham House, Wiltshire.

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Wedding of Lara and Harry was set in a beautiful place for photography – Lackham Manor House between Corsham and Chippenham in Wiltshire. But before that I have managed to cover both Brides and Grooms preparation despite being considerably far from each other – in Corsham and Trowbridge!
As many other old English manors there are a numerous options for inventive photographs. We have met on the Manor grounds with this couple in the spring and walked around to discuss better spots for photos. That’s how we found secluded spot by the river with fallen tree and picturesque background. By the time of the wedding day river bank changed dramatically but we still managed to get there with a group of bridesmaids and I think this heroics of them has been paid off by quality photographs.
Here you can find an excerpts from a full set (accessible for friends and family only). If you happened to be at this wedding and have not seen this full set, please get in touch with Lara and Harry as they can provide you with necessary access info.
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Wedding Photography. Rudloe Hall, Corsham, Wiltshire

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Wedding Photography in Wiltshire.

This wedding session occurred at Rudloe Hall – slightly remote picturesque venue near Corsham, Wiltshire. After all previous preparations – pre-wedding (or engagement) shoot in Bath, a couple of meetings over a cup of coffee and a visit to venue we came to final destination – wedding day. As ordered by groom, the weather was nice despite a few previous miserable days. Probably a bit too much sun from photographers point of view, but absolutely perfect for newly wed and their guests. The venue has quite a character with all the Victorian features that provides a great potential for wedding photography.
There are lots of images below so it might be less suitable for mobile devices with slow internet connection!


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Wedding Photographs Slideshow

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An example of wedding slideshow – you can get this as a part of our “Golden Package”! Wedding photographs can be easily converted into slideshow, but it takes some time to make the show pretty.

Wedding Photography. Alison and Steve. 180812

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Vintage style wedding photography in Westbury, Wiltshire. There is not so many interesting places in Westbury to have a full featured wedding session, especially if you have just a couple of hours. But I’ve done my best to provide my customers with a comprehensive set of pictures and they were not disappointed! This was a “vintage style” wedding so we added a few subtle effects while editing to emphasize the effect.


Vintage Wedding!