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Wedding on Thames, London

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We have recently been a part of the Wedding on Thames in London. The main ceremony was carried at Orleans House Galley, near Twickenham and then all party boarded a Thames boat and went downstream to City center and further to Canary Wharf. Despite a tricky weather along the route party went as it supposed to – happy and creative! It was a bit difficult to combine functions of the guest and the photographer, but with some help from the gang I’ve managed…
Here are excerpts from the main gallery. If you were there and want to see everything, then please contact either me or newlyweds to get an access to extended gallery.
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Wedding Photography in Badgemore Park, Oxfordshire

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It was a first time for our wedding photography service in Badgemore Park, Oxfordshire. Wedding of Ryan and Claire occurred near Christmas time so it was logical to choose a wintery main theme with a lot of decorations devoted to this time of the year… One quite distracting from winter detail was a green golf fields around the venue. In a bright sun it did look rather like early spring and addition of colours from wedding guests outfits made it feel warm despite freezing temperature.

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Wiltshire wedding photography. Military wedding in Tidworth and Frome

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Wiltshire wedding photography is a very tough competition area for local photographers but hopefully we are steadily joining the best, so more and more people asking for our services. This summer we have photographed quite a few weddings and one of them was so called military wedding with a ceremony have taken place in Tidworth St Patrick’s Catholic Garrison Church and following reception in Orchardleigh House, near Frome.
Ollie and Steph had a nice pre-wedding photowalk with us before and here our ultimate result from their wedding. Such a beautiful couple with flashy military arrangements was a pure joy to watch and photograph. The weather on the day and a 19th Century Victorian Stately Home can only emphasize our feelings about this gorgeous wedding!


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Wedding photography in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Toby and Lucy

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It’s been awhile since we published any posts about weddings. Wedding photography in Salisbury proved to be as hot topic as everywhere else with strong competition between a range of photographers. We have not been here for a long but we are hoping to get our piece of this pie! 🙂
The wedding we’re writing about has taken place in Pewsey and Devizes this summer. This post contains some excerpts from full gallery so if you happened to be on this wedding and have not seen all pictures yet, please contact either me or Bride and Groom.

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Pre-wedding photosession near Rode, Somerset

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Some time ago we have had a pre-wedding photosession near Rode in Somerset. Steph and Ollie booked their wedding long ago, and the choice of the location was quite obvious as one parents family live nearby. The route along river Frome is well used by the couple as they often walk their two dogs there. As it happened in the spring after terrible winter flooding just disappeared, we had to use wellies to walk around and the whole outfit was not particularly smart – rather rural! Dogs helped to keep atmosphere of the photoshoot relaxed and funny so we have had a good chat about everything including coming wedding. Especially interesting was to find out that it’s going to be a proper military wedding with  servicemen wearing ceremonial uniform, swords etc. And once it’s put in specific location, like Orchardleigh House mansion near  Frome, it should produce stunning images. Having been there just a few days ago for final meeting with Bride and Groom I can see that it will be one of the most interesting weddings I’ve had an honor to photograph so far…

But let’s keep it low until the wedding day, and for now I will share a few excerpts from that spring pre-wedding photoshoot.



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First wedding photo shoot in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

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This wedding photo shoot in Salisbury Register office was one of the shortest so far. Graham called me two days before wedding day and I was free. No pre-wedding photoshoot, no introductory meeting, no printed products demonstration, not much of preparations. Very simple. But this is a good start that will lead to more and more.
You can see a few pictures below, if you was at the wedding, please ask Graham or me about how to get to the complete photo gallery.
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Asian Wedding Photography in Southampton.

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Asian Wedding photography has it’s own specific features, but it is still remain a wedding photography! It usually brighter and rather more colourful than a European one and require more careful colour matching in post production. Plus a few general restriction during the Big Day related to different cultural backgrounds. Nevertheless it produces the same happy spirit in the air and great deal of photographic images you hardly find elsewhere.
This particular Asian wedding has taken place in Gurdwara Nanaksar, Southampton, Hampshire. We always following cultural code and rules at any event, especially for wedding photography. That’s one of the reasons we always have our customers satisfied with what we do!
You may also want to check a pre-wedding photowalk for this couple that happened a couple of months before the wedding.


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Wedding photography in Berkshire. Waterskiing Groom and Bride!

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That wedding photography session was one of the craziest in my life. I knew about this from the beginning, but I’ve had some doubts about the plan and it’s feasibility. Essentially it was going to be a stylish arrival of the groom and possibly bride to the wedding party (held on the bank of lake) waterskiing. The preparation and ceremony were not unusual. Except that groom and couple of ushers with best man spent the night before wedding camping in the tent by the wedding marquee. That’s happening every other time on weddings, isn’t it? Especially at the end of September. And the wedding limo was squeezed to the size of old VW van camper, which is at your everydays wedding as well. The rest was usual either with Bride and Groom personally serving evening dinner from real Fish-and-Chips mobile kiosk at the end… So it’s just this water skying thing. Or may be not? 🙂

I was so excited when I saw Bride, Groom, and Best Man preparations for this water adventure. It become clear that these guys really going to  make it. And on the boat, taking pictures of two guys in unusual suits (especially for Best Man), jumping at times over the waves, I realized that I am witnessing something special. Possibly once in a life time opportunity.

So have a look yourself, but be prepared to many pictures down there! And if you were part of this wedding and have not seen full set – please be advised that Kriss and Sophie have a password for secure complete photo gallery.


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