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Studio Portrait Photography. Grazyna

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This set of pictures in part is devoted to updating our Studio Portrait Photography portfolio. On the other side as I’m trying to pass Licentiateship level at Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) I need more material for submission and Grazyna kindly agreed to let me use these images for application. A few more studio shoots and I should be ready. This time we decided to go for a simple series of portraits without any extra props or fancy outfits. Next time we’ll be more inventive and bold!


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Children Photography. Katerina and her Red Coat.

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I was carrying this idea for awhile for our children photography section. Having in your daily routine model like that should not be missed! Katerina is growing up and some features of the different stages are disappearing already. But something was missing to materialize the idea into project – the coat! Finally it was found in second hand shop, matching hat magically appeared from our friends, vintage case of suitable size was dug up from the loft…
The first few sessions attempts proved that it won’t be easy. Even if your child used to be photographed at the age of 16 months, it still remain a toddler. They can provide you with all sorts of behavior but cooperation!
I hope to continue this little project until coat become too small. Or till next spring, whatever comes first…


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Events photography. Westbury Music and Arts Festival, 2013. Wiltshire

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Events photography. This is a third year we are participating in Westbury Music and Arts Festival in Wiltshire. We have been even promoted to the level of SPONSORS! It does not help to bring more visitors from local population, but at least helps to Festival to be promoted more widely. Town of Westbury in Wiltshire loves TV apparently much more then live music…
The gallery is finally updated with pictures of events we were able to attend. If you are interested in obtaining a high resolution file for printing purposes, please contact me directly.

Pictures from previous years WMAF




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Wedding Photography in Westbury, Wiltshire. Neil and Annette.

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Initially it meant to be a short wedding photography session during ceremony at the church, but by the time we approached the Big Day plans has grown up and it became a proper full day wedding photography!
Here you can find “a few” excerpts from the set which represent that bright and full of fun day. If you happened to be at this wedding and did not have a chance to see the whole set, please let me know or contact Neil and Annette – they will provide you with necessary access information.
I’ll be happy to hear you feedback in any form and assist you with any photography requirements you may have in future!


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Event Photography. Music night at Laverton, Westbury.

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Another rare night for event photography in Westbury, Wiltshire. Westbury people cultural life is not spoiling to say the list, so any event should be sold out, one can think. Well, keep thinking that way… A few inhabitants of the town are proactively trying to bring some entertainment to this blessed place but average response from neighbors is far below average! This time tickets were free, but a few people with tickets could not be bothered to come.
As I am photographing quite a lot of different town events during the year, I can see more or less the same faces every time something interesting happening. Do I need to say any more? I don’t know. That’s why we are heading to different town of Salisbury in nearest future. More people, more schools, more life…


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