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Katerina and balloons

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A few pictures from our photowalk we called Katerina and balloons along the river Avon near Salisbury, Wiltshire. Handling these two (Katerina and Sharik the dog) while trying to take pictures was not the easiest task. But it worked, I think. And this can be a good reminder of our great offer of 50% discounted family and children’s photo walks on week days. Feel free to ask about details via email or just stop by at our studio at Fisherton Mill, Salisbury.

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Children’s photo walks. Katya and Yana

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Sometime we just walk/run around. Sometimes we’re climbing the trees. Sometimes we are playing at playgrounds. Sometimes… we grow up.

Remember, if you want a memory of how your child looked at any age – take a picture. Print the picture. Keep it…

This is a one of our children’s photo walks at the Primrose Hill Park in London.

Wiltshire wedding photography. Military wedding in Tidworth and Frome

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Wiltshire wedding photography is a very tough competition area for local photographers but hopefully we are steadily joining the best, so more and more people asking for our services. This summer we have photographed quite a few weddings and one of them was so called military wedding with a ceremony have taken place in Tidworth St Patrick’s Catholic Garrison Church and following reception in Orchardleigh House, near Frome.
Ollie and Steph had a nice pre-wedding photowalk with us before and here our ultimate result from their wedding. Such a beautiful couple with flashy military arrangements was a pure joy to watch and photograph. The weather on the day and a 19th Century Victorian Stately Home can only emphasize our feelings about this gorgeous wedding!


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Events photography at Salisbury Arts Festival 2014.

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This is our first events photography series from Salisbury Arts Festival, Wiltshire. Salisbury International Arts Festival is an annual event running since 1973 and bringing artists from around the globe. Every year from mid-May for two weeks the Wiltshire city of Salisbury is becoming full of people enjoying the Festival with numerous exhibitions, events, and performances.
Because SASNN-Photo have recently moved into this beautiful city of Salisbury we were happy to participate in some events during the festival providing our service to organizers. It is impossible to follow every performance or event even for devoted festival photographers so we have chosen the most visually loaded or important ones from our point of view. Even though we missed a few interesting shoots due to previously booked days, we have attended some exciting shows and events.
Here you can find some examples of our work at the Festival and hopefully some people will like it! 🙂
If you have any questions or requests in regards to this work or SASNN-Photo service in general please do not hesitate to contact us! We are always open to networking and cooperation.

events photography at Salisbury Arts Festival


DW kayak and canoe marathon race 2014.

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This is a VERY long post containing several hundreds of pictures from Devizes to Westminster annual canoe and kayak marathon. The post split into 4 parts – one per each day, in chronological order. If you are looking for particular picture/participant you’d better know their time of start or finish and then you can guess approximate position in the gallery. If you are not able to find what you are looking for, please let me know, I will try to help. I have missed a few boats at the start and finish, but only a few…

You can buy high resolution file/order prints via link on the bottom of this post – the BIG BLUE BUTTON! 🙂

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Children Photography in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Katerina.

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Children photography in Salisbury is presented by a number of photographers. Because we are moving to this beautiful city in a short time, I’m going to face quite a challenge from the point of any type of photography, including children photography. To prepare myself and search engines for that we made a simple photoshoot – with Katerina as a model. Just walking around city center and browsing streets we have gathered quite a few pictures and want to share them. If you live in Salisbury and want to get something similar with your child – don’t be shy, drop me a line!


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Studio Photography session with MUA Olga Brodsky

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Home Studio Photography session for Grazyna with MUA Olga Brodsky. We have done first session for Grazyna a few months ago and the session caused a bit of stir among visitors of our website. Main idea for this stir was a critique of my refusal to use a help of Make Up Artist (MUA) and extra styling for the model. After considering “pro et contra” we found among our friends an aspiring and eager amateur MUA – Olga Brodsky. I would recommend to remember this name as soon it’s going to be an expensive and popular figure in MUA world! 🙂
The results of her work with Grazyna look stunning! And it is not just strictly MUA, it is hair styling and general styling as well – all in one.
You can see a difference between these two sessions below – without and with help of MUA. I guess I have made my choice after this photoshoot. And I hope to do a few more with Olga again…

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