Family photography. Unprepared session in the pub.

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Sometimes I meet old friends in unexpected places and it can be a good opportunity for improvised location family photography shoot, even without much preparation. There is actually not much to prepare anyway – normally it’s about using or not using the flash, except special cases when professional studio lighting used. I prefer not to use flash even though some loss of quality is happening. But you can win with relaxed live facial impression much more, than lose in pixels!

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Children Photography in Studio. Brother and Sister

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Another children photography session, this time in our home studio. Management of these age groups can be most problematic, especially if we are talking about extended photoshoot. And we had a long shooting day with this family. Children was “on and off” so in between  there are was quite a few pictures of parents with and without little ones. Hopefully I will follow this family as children will grow up and parents will have a several sets of pictures from every age milestone…


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Children Photography. Hux and company Birthday party.

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We managed to get to this Birthday party in Bath despite all the obstacles on our way! Long way from London in the early morning from previous day photo shoot, traffic jams, parking problems etc. And it is such a fun to see our friends children growing so fast… So we’ve got another children photography session! 🙂


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