Family photowalk in Kensington Gardens, London

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A few days ago we have had another family photo shoot – family photowalk in Kensington Gardens, London. We do love London parks and very happy to provide our service to any family interested in this kind of photo session. This friendly family was quite keen to help me with search for the best spot in the park and that helped to establish trustful relationship with all three kids despite the age difference. We have had a fun shoot and everyone left happy about it!

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Children Photography in Golders Hill Park, London.

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We have made a bold attempt to organize a children photography photosession via several social networks, mostly for Russian speaking community as a model for wider reach. It did happen in London park, Golders Hill park – to be precise. Despite of coincidence with a couple of other big events in the same time frame we have managed to successfully fulfill our mission and got a few people to turn out with a happy to play around kids. Idea is quite simple – to photograph children in their natural habitat – playground or park with a lots of toys and some help from parents hanging nearby. And the idea works! It can be considered as a Family Photography as well, but we think it does not really matter how to define session if you are getting interesting pictures.
We will carry on with this approach so watch this space!
Below are a few excerpts from the album

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Family Photowalk in Regents Park, London. Short version

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We were very happy to do a Family Photowalk session with this family in Regents Park, London. The weather finally showed its happier side and the colours of urban nature appeared at the best. In this case family photography beautifully coincided with children photography as the presence of a little Vera made our time very lively and full of fun! All you need from toddlers is just a bit of personal attention and their energy channeled in the right field. With happy families it is easy – just bring a scooter or some toys, stop by at the playground and you are getting a lots of opportunities to photograph a happy people!
In this photo session it was very luckily to have “first page model” looking parents and another member of family. What a stunning people!


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Indoors Family photography session in Trowbridge, Wiltshire

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This is another family photography session from Trowbridge, Wiltshire. Lara and Harry not simply taken up our offer of free pre-wedding photoshoot. They actually converted it into baby photography! We are never refusing any requests from our customers so I was happy to do a family or newborn photosession instead of engagement photoshoot. With the wedding coming in three weeks it is very useful to have an extra chat and take a couple of hundreds shots from different angles to make sure I know the best way to photograph Particular couple. Even though this session was not mainly about future newlywed, I managed to figure out for myself some DO and DON’Ts. And on the bright sunny day (which is definitely going to be!) we are going to have some great shots that will stay with them forever…
Watch this space for more proper wedding photographs in a less than a months! 🙂







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Family photography. Unprepared session in the pub.

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Sometimes I meet old friends in unexpected places and it can be a good opportunity for improvised location family photography shoot, even without much preparation. There is actually not much to prepare anyway – normally it’s about using or not using the flash, except special cases when professional studio lighting used. I prefer not to use flash even though some loss of quality is happening. But you can win with relaxed live facial impression much more, than lose in pixels!

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Family Photography. Photowalk in Clanger woods. 020213

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It was a nice family photography session shaped as a photowalk in Clanger Woods, Wiltshire. Some people are taking their time to formalize their relationship and have a proper wedding. I am happy to witness and participate in one of those cases. The wedding will happen in a month time so I’m looking forward to photograph this family again, but this time in dressed up state!

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Studio Photography. Ambient light

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Studio photography is not always about beaming lights, light modifiers and other studio gear. Interesting portraits can be taken in a very simple conditions with an ambient light. In my case I have just reduced the window area to the size of an apple… I will do more experiments with this setup and hopefully will be able to show more results. I want to get visually closer to classical paintings feel, somewhat Vermeer-ish :). It sounds dare, I know, but shouldn’t we all aim high?



Home Studio Family Photography. 101112

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For this family photography session our home studio was used continuously during nearly all day. Part of the children photo set I have shown before, now it is parents turn. Family photography is usually a good fun, and this time was no exception. Children make faces, run around (or crawl), produce all sort of noise and changing their mood instantly! Some can consider it as a chaos and mess, and I prefer to call it artistic fun. Pictures look staged to certain extend but you have to choose the right moment to press that button. Conditions at such a shoot are completely unpredictable…


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